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Welcome TECHEXPO Volunteer Hosts!

You want to go to a TECHEXPO Technology Expo, but the registration fee is prohibitive? We can always use some extra hands on site, and we have a limited number of volunteer spots available for those who want to help out during the event.

We are happy to provide free passes to our volunteers in exchange for their assistance.

Volunteer Host Benefits

We are happy to provide our volunteers with a pass in exchange for their assistance. Volunteers are given a Volunteer Pass, which is similar to a Full Conference Pass and allows them to attend conference sessions and networking events when they are not working.

Volunteers will receive the following benefits:

Pass for Volunteers
T-Shirt Tote Bag for Volunteers
Once your shift is finished or your duties permit, you will have access to all Conference Sessions.
Once your shift is finished, you will have access to networking events.
sessions at no cost

Volunteer Requirements

Conference Volunteers must comply with the following requirements:

You must be at least 18 years old.
Work for a minimum of 15 hours per week.
Attend the required Volunteer Orientation and help with pre-event preparations.
Be available for the duration of the conference.
You must have a working email address (no sharing of email addresses, please)
Working with the Volunteer Manager to create your own schedule is your responsibility.
Accept the Volunteer Liability Release and Waiver
Recognize and follow the Volunteer Policies and Guidelines.

Volunteer Invitation Category

Hospitality Support

Exhibition Support


Workshop Attendant




PowerPoint Technician


Stage Technician


Speaker Coordinator


Usher/Badge Monitor


Evening/Special Events Attendant


Meal Attendant


Note Taker


Safety and Security


Setup & Take-down




Social Media Assistant




Volunteer Host FAQ

What does a Host or Hostess do?

A Host or Hostess makes sure that their guests feel welcomed, cared for, and valued. They create a warm and welcoming environment for patrons from the moment they enter the establishment. Hosts or Hostesses typically provide menus, take names for reservations and answer the phone.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Host or Hostess?

The Host or Hostess at a restaurant is the first person who meets the customer and makes sure they are comfortable. Some duties include managing the reservation book and offering menus and drinks to guests once they sit down. Other tasks are ensuring tables are ready for seating guests, constantly monitoring dining activity, inspecting menus for cleanliness and assisting servers when necessary.

What makes a good Host or Hostess?

A good Host or Hostess has a warm, friendly and personable demeanor. They are team players, effective communicators and keep their composure when working with disgruntled guests. They must be highly organized to properly maintain seating charts and seat customers in the order of arrival or by appointment. A good Host or Hostess understands the flows of traffic and has exceptional time management and customer service skills.

Who does a Host or Hostess work with?

A Host or Hostesses work directly with guests and other restaurant staff such as Servers, Bartenders and Busboys.

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