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Our Conference Programme

Learning outcomes in rural India can be improved by harnessing the power of data

Many Indians had already begun using digital learning methods prior to the COVID outbreak and the subsequent lockdowns, but the crisis has given it a much-needed boost, resulting in widespread adoption across the country, including rural areas previously unaffected.

How IT is Transforming from Multi-Cloud to Omni-Cloud

In the future, businesses will embrace the cloud's advantages and possibilities to drive value and achieve goals. The faster businesses accept this reality, the faster they can grow.

Rapid digitalisation and favourable regulations drive data centre demand.

Amazon web services, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, Uber, and Dropbox outsource their storage to third-party DCs. Hiranandani Group, Adani Group; Amazon, EdgeConnex, Microsoft, CapitaLand, Mantra Group have invested in Indian Data Centers.

Automation's crucial function in enhancing enterprise security posture

Numerous Indian businesses are currently confronted with critical problems, such as an increase in cyberattacks, as a result of a growing digital footprint. Over 2 million cyber security.

Reframe and Simplify Security to Hasten Its Evolution

Digitalization and agile methodologies are transforming businesses' risk profiles. Many organisations add defence layers, making it harder to defend against sophisticated attacks. Reframing your thinking and simplifying processes, organisation, and defences must evolve your security strategy.

Powering  the future India  with Technology

The world-leading Tech expo & conference event series will arrive IN DELHI  on the 3-4 December 2022 to host its sixth annual Global event.

It will bring together key industries from across the globe for two days of top-level content and thought leadership discussions across 6 co-located events covering IoT & 5G, Cyber Security & Cloud, Blockchain, AI & Big Data, Edge Computing and the newly added Digital Transformation track.

 Predictions for Data & Analytics in 2024

In both the private and public sectors, data and analytics are becoming increasingly important elements across nearly all industries, business functions, and IT disciplines. Above all, data and analytics are critical to a successful digital business.

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