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Partners & Sponsors

Increase your visibility by participating in India's most comprehensive technology event stack.

techexpo partner

Why Partner

We have a close working relationship with more than 60 member-led organisations and tech communities, and we are always open to exploring new opportunities for collaboration. You will reap the benefits of a comprehensive cross-promotion campaign, member benefit packages, and a variety of pre-, during-, and after-event opportunities to promote your business if you become a Media or Event Partner.

We would be delighted to hear from you if you are a member-led organisation that represents the technology sector and are interested in partnering with Tech expo or any of our co-located events, including DevOps Live, Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, Cloud Expo , and Data tech World.

We would like to extend an invitation to you as a Media or Event Partner to participate with us in cross-promotion. By doing so, you will receive maximum exposure across all of our various platforms and benefit from a number of different promotional activities.

"The act of coming together marks the start. Progress depends on maintaining our unity. Collaboration is the key to achieving goals.

Explore our extensive branding opportunities preceding, during, and following Tech expo!

With one of our customised sponsorship packages, you can expose your brand to an unrivalled number of data centre buyers and drive significantly more traffic to your exhibition booth.


Tech expo has the most effective method for promoting your brand and message in 2022, regardless of the direction your company intends to take. Whether it's securing a prominent speaking session to engage your target audience, placing your logo on our 5 million-impression marketing materials, or communicating with the industry via our extensive database of senior decision-makers, we can help you achieve your marketing objectives. The choice is entirely yours!


Whether you require leads or additional exposure, the options are available.


Contact the team immediately to reserve your package...

techexpo sponsor

Why Sponsor

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